Frequently asked questions

RallyPay was built for marketing agencies and professional fundraisers servicing political campaigns, large nonprofits and universities. We offer you tools that will increase donor conversion up to 70%, making more money for your clients and creating more value.

Signing up and using RallyPay is free. Our transaction fee varies depending on the type of campaigns and fundraisers, but we will match or beat any payment processor’s fees and offer you the best transaction fees in the industry.

All campaigns will attach a bank account on RallyPay. Donations received will take 24-48 hours to process and are automatically sent to the bank account on file.

Agencies and professional fundraisers can choose to get paid at the same time their clients or candidates receive their money via the normal settlement process.

We offer the ability to create multiple donation pages, offline donation processing, batch processing, API and ACH (e-check) processing.These features are free to use and only subject to the transaction fees assigned to your account. You can also manage and issue refunds and recurring donations from your donors.

Yes. All clients can generate a CSV file for their campaigns. This report is designed keeping in mind political campaign finance reporting requirements and will have all the donor information (name, address, phone number) including any additional fields you may need to collect for your individual campaigns.

This does not happen too often, but it's good to know: Sometimes a donor will dispute a charge with their bank because they don’t recognize the charge on their bank or credit card statement or they changed their mind about their donation. When they file a dispute with their bank, it triggers a chargeback.

The banks charge a processing fee of $29 for each chargeback, and we pass this charge on to the campaign. Rally will work with the bank to provide all documentation and necessary explanations for the disputed charge and do our best to resolve this in the campaign’s favor. This $29 fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the dispute. Sometimes, the campaign loses the dispute, and in this case, we are required to also refund the full donation amount back to the donor, which is debited from the campaigns bank account. We immediately notify the campaign when we receive the chargeback from the banks and also keep you updated via email of the final results of the dispute.

Refunds can be issued by you from your RallyPay account as long as you have sufficient funds available to process the refunds. All refunds are issued in full, we do not support partial refunds.Refunds issued with insufficient funds will need approval from the RallyPay team. Once a refund is approved by the team, this amount will be deducted from your bank account and issued to the donor.

Note: We do not refund the transaction fees when you issue a refund.

If a file is submitted multiple times and a refund is requested, each transaction will need to be refunded individually from within your RallyPay account or by the RallyPay team. This is treated like a regular refund. A full refund is issued to the donor, however, the transaction fee is not refunded or waived. The client will be charged the full transaction fees for the duplicate files.

Once funds transfers are initiated by you, and approved by our team, it will take 48 business hours to hit your bank account. If transfers are initiated on Fridays, weekends or bank holidays,you cane expect a 1-2 day delay in receiving your funds.

If for any reason (incorrect bank account, bank account closed etc.) funds are returned to us, they will remain in your RallyPay account until the error is fixed and you will need to initiate a withdrawal of funds again.

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